If you are currently serving as Broker-In-Charge (BIC) or are BIC eligible, you will need to take the BICUP and a four-hour elective course. If you are NOT currently serving as Broker-In-Charge (BIC) and are NOT BIC eligible, you will need to take the GENUP and a four-hour elective course. All licensees must also take at least one approved CE elective course in addition to an Update course each year.


  • Tuition for each live class is $65
  • We provide hassle-free refunds and rescheduling


If you miss the June 10th CE deadline, your license becomes inactive as of July 1. Licensees should contact the Real Estate Commission to find out the requirements to activate their license.

If your license is inactive for more than two years, with a CE deficiency, to make your license active you must complete all of the following: (1) take the current GENUP and an elective; (2) take two, 30-hour Postlicensing courses; and (3) file Form 2.08 within 6 months of the courses.

Have you renewed your license the first time? If not, you do not have to take CE until the license year after your first renewal and must only satisfy the 8-hour annual CE requirement prior to your second license renewal to renew your license on active status.

Nonresident licensees have other options for satisfying the continuing education requirements for license renewal or activation.  Click HERE for more information.

The 12-hour BIC Course is a special course taken within 120 days of being designated BIC. It is taught only by the NC Real Estate Commission and their class schedule can be found at

Emergency rule 58G .0104, which has been effective since March 26, provides for automatic extensions of time for brokers to complete CE and Postlicensing education.

What is the CE extension deadline?

Answer: September 30, 2020.  The Commission is granting an automatic 90-day extension.  No CE courses may be offered during the June 11-June 30 CE blackout period, so the 90-day extension period will begin on July 1, 2020, and end on September 30, 2020. 

Can a broker take the 2019-20 Update course after June 10, 2020? 

Answer: No.  The 2019-20 GenUp and BICUP courses cannot be offered after June 10, 2020.

What if brokers do not take the 2019-20 Update course by June 10.  How will they make it up?

Answer:  Any broker who does not complete all 8 hours of CE by June 10 will be automatically granted a 90-day extension.  The broker will then take approved elective courses [between July 1-September 30, 2020] to make up missed hours, even if those hours included the Update course.