**IN-PERSON OR ONLINE** Prelicensing Course | July 10 – August 3 | Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9:00am – 4:00pm | Instructor: Kelly Allen

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The textbook for this course is the MODERN REAL ESTATE PRACTICE IN NORTH CAROLINA 10TH EDITION, the cost of this textbook is NOT included in the tuition cost.

The textbook can be purchased using this link.

The online course format will be live online through Zoom.

The in-person course format will be held at Lenoir-Rhyne in downtown Asheville - 36 Montford Ave # 316, Asheville, NC 28801

Curious about Lenoir-Rhyne's campus? Click this link for a fun tour with your instructor, Kelly Allen!

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Class dates are as follows: July 10, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 24, 26, 27, 31 | August 2, 3. Please allow two weeks after class is completed for testing.

For the online class format through Zoom you will need: broadband internet access, a working webcam/microphone, ability to see full screen and access keyboard at the same time. Login from a phone or while in a vehicle is prohibited.

The Real Estate Broker Prelicense Course is an introductory level real estate principles and practices course. The primary emphasis is on real estate brokerage law and practice. This course is required for persons desiring to qualify for the North Carolina real estate license examination and to obtain a real estate broker license.

Major Topics

Basic real property law; property taxation; land use controls; environmental hazards; brokerage relationships and practices; real estate contracts; real estate financing; closing a real estate sale transaction; real estate valuation; fair housing; landlord and tenant; property management; federal income taxation of real estate; basic house construction; basic real estate investment; agent safety; and North Carolina Real Estate License Law and North Carolina Real Estate Commission Rules and Trust Account Guidelines.

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How do I get my North Carolina Real Estate License?

  1. Complete the North Carolina Real Estate Broker Prelicensing Course

  2. Submit a license application and criminal background check  to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission

  3. Take and pass the North Carolina Real Estate Broker Licensing Exam

  4. Receive your license and affiliate with a licensed North Carolina Broker-in-Charge


  • Daytime, evening, weekend and    on-demand classes
  • Live online or in-person – $450 tuition
  • On-demand online – $465 tuition



Live online or in-person Prelicensing

This course consists of 75 hours of instruction and is offered in an online presentation method on Zoom or in-person.

For live online classes through Zoom you will need: broadband internet access, a working webcam/microphone, ability to see full screen and access keyboard at the same time.  Login from a phone is prohibited. Class material and link will be sent out no later than 5pm the business day before the class begins.

In-person classes will be held in downtown Asheville at the Lenoir-Rhyne campus in the Asheville Chamber of Commerce building.

NC Real Estate Commission rules require students to attend at least 80 percent of all live classes. Students can miss up to 15 hours. All hours missed are counted toward the total absences allowed, and students may not “make-up” a missed class or any portion of a missed class. 


We believe the live courses above are the best option for most students to complete the prelicensing course.  But if those courses do not fit your schedule, there is a self-paced option to complete the 75-hour North Carolina broker real estate prelicensing course.  This course lets you learn when – and where – it’s convenient for you.

Class will run on Windows or Mac operating systems and will require broadband internet access.  There is no textbook requirement for this course.

You will have 180-days to complete the course and it’s exam. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission does not permit courses to be extended past 180-days. If your course has expired, you will need to re-register and retake the course.


*Use this link only for the on-demand course.*  Click here to register for the on-demand prelicensing course.


On-demand Details

  • Complete the course on your own schedule
  • $465 Tuition
  • Class exam may be taken online through a 3rd party proctor.  Student will be responsible for a $15 fee for the online proctor.